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John Oliver on form again, I do think Trump will win it unless Hillary gets her shit together, which given her VP choice and complete Dynastic arrogance, very unlikely.

Negative ‘Not That Guy’ campaigns never usually win, neither does lecturing your own party members about protest votes and ignoring DNC rigging…politically that kind of campaign never wins. And the HRC campaign response is laughable, it’s Schrödinger’s Security – it was secure against Russians but then it wasn’t. LOL.

Positive ‘Hopey Changey’ ones do – even if that as Trump proves the positive can be homophobic, racist and neo-fascist. I know strange use of ‘positive’ but people want change, they don’t want the party machine of any party bossing them around – look at the struggle with Corbyn and Brexit/UKIP in the UK. It seems to be a common issue – the party elites of every nation are divorced from their own people. We’re entering into a world where experts are derided, and truth is relative, even warped into new realities by ‘feelings’.

Sadly if they don’t get change within the existing parties, they get the usual condescending head-pat response they turn to extremes to get it. I know, bad move, I think Trump is terrible, but I think he’ll be President unless something really dramatic happens. People vote for all kinds of things, and sometimes they punish the system including themselves – in altruistic ways like with Sanders or Corbyn, in darker ways like Trump or Brexit.

The irony is rich white people telling the masses that they are ‘voting the wrong way’ – if you’re in a nightmare already, you don’t really give a shit which of the non-choices you have – Washing Powder A or Washing Powder B. Tactical voting and such-like causes apathy, it’s a cancer on democracy. People talk at them about ‘wasted votes’ and ‘changing the system’ but it never happens. The dinner parties go on, and the poor are still shut outside. As Frankie Boyle wrote:

“The only time most Labour MP’s are going to try and inspire the working class these days is if they need a new kitchen fitted for a short-notice dinner party.”

So you vote for the one that might shake things up, things are shit for you already in these days of closed down factories, austerity and joblessness…and what happens? Either the world goes to shit or the party tries to shut out your delegate. Really this isn’t democracy, and we’ll see more riots and extremes as the year goes on because if I can see that ‘we wuz robbed’, then sure as hell the people in the rust belt, north of England, ghettoes and abandoned areas can see it. I don’t really blame Trump fans or Hillary fans as much as blame the whole system as being corrupt and not fit for human consumption. Unless you deal with that increasing disparity, then revolution – or at very least violent meltdown – will always be at the corner, and joke candidates will be elected.

Because democracy currently IS a joke, and it seems the last people to get that is the party cadres. And no, the odd person resigning – or starting a leadership rebellion which is already falling apart – won’t solve that.

Sadly, as a coda, a consolation prize of what you could have had if DNC hadn’t obstructed it:

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