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March 26 /

Really liking this Depeche Mode remix by Dunproofin, very timely…as DM go on stage at the 6Music festival (listening to that now live…) Also check out his cover of The Wonder Stuff’s Circlesquare. Pop star!

March 23 /

Fascinating film interviewing ‘internet warriors’ – those who troll or argue online with either extreme, hateful or passionate comments…disturbing and also interesting how some change and some have contradictory lives. Ian Fondue sent this to me after I posted this…

March 11 /
March 10 /

We’re no stranger to African electronica, Afrobeat highlife, and African funk on this blog – previously mixed, remixed, played or blogged about William Onyeahbor (RIP), Victor Uwaifo, Benis Cletin, Supermax, Fela and Femi Kuti, Lijadu Sisters and many more. So…