RC 177: Winter of Discontent v2.0 (part 2)

Second part (literally) of podcast #176, a more icy and quiet cold selection, for wandering through snow in the dark to, while pondering which floor is best to throw bankers from. 5th? 15th? 20th? I expect it changes the splat ratio and the survival factor…hey that’s a bailout we can all agree on!

I’m the Urban Yeti Baby, Yet I Don’t Exist (66Mb, 82 mins)

  • Fleetwood Mac – Before the Beginning
  • Beck – Modern Guilt
  • Eine Kleine Nacht Musik – Ertrinken
  • The Orb – Let the Music Set You Free
  • Rex The Dog – Heartsong
  • The Residents – Kaw Liga
  • Fade to Bluegrass – Unforgiven
  • team9 – Fujiya and the Foxes
  • Human Highway – The Sound (team9 remix)
  • Richard Hawley – Long Black Train
  • Kanye West – Street Lights
  • Dubstar – Stars(acoustic)
  • Burial – Night Bus
  • The Orb – Sleeping Tiger & The Gods Unknown
  • Cut Copy – We Fight For Diamonds
  • Low – Shots & Ladders
  • Hope Organ – Sneaky
  • The Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Lullaby
  • Adult Rodeo – Jesus, He Loves LSD + Me
  • The Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Lullaby
  • RIAA – Always Another Sucker On The Vine
  • Fade to Bluegrass – Fade to Black



  1. nefas
    February 6

    those Metallica covers are simply incredible.

  2. February 6

    What was the name of that metallica cover band again?

  3. February 7

    Crispin Glover was the actor singing the Charles Manson tune in RIAA’s “Always Another Sucker On The Vine.” You should check him out Tim – VERY weird dude. His occasional high-profile acting gigs afford him the luxury of making his own books, films, recordings. I saw him present a double-feature of his films, one of which starred a genuine wheelchair-bound cripple. Naked. Having sex. Yup. If there’s outsider art and outsider music, this was outsider cinema.

    Thanks for the spin and MUCHO thx for Bonzos, and old 78s, my cup overfloweth and all that jazz!

  4. nefas
    February 7

    Iron Horse is the name of that cover band. They’ve done Led Zeppelin, Ozzy and Modest Mouse too.
    Also, Crispin Glover is indeed insanely brilliant! Have always wanted to see one of his films; there must be a way but I don’t know it..

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