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This is covered in the FAQ in more detail but thought I’d make it more prominent as my pet-peeve is blogs or sites where I can’t work out the RSS subscription feed – if you’re now going ‘wha?’ please see the FAQ section.

If you just want to subscribe to just the podcasts or new mixes then subscribe to the Podcast Feed. For iTunes Radio Clash is on the Store, or you can subscribe directly at several links below:

Note: some of these sites, apps or even podcasts streams contain advertising, which the content is nothing to do with this podcast, and mostly not affiliated with Radio Clash. I am signed up for RadioPublic’s Paid Listens, so their site includes advertising on the podcasts and I get paid for it, so I recommend you listen via that link as it helps us out with server costs, etc.

But this site, the podcast and feed doesn’t contain any advertising, and will stay like that for the foreseeable future. So if those ads offend you, feel free to subscribe to directly to the podcast feed.

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If you want to subscribe to all Radio Clash including the blog posts just plug this link into your enclosure-friendly RSS Reader (most newsreaders are now) or Podcasting client:

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