RC 137: Mostly Hallowed Eve

When spooky things come a knocking in the middle of the night, don’t worry it’s just some GothPop Duboriffic SpookStep, strictly rockers (with dead mothers in them)….

Ring ring! Why do they always answer? (70Mb, 91mins) https://www.radioclash.com/show-archive/rc_137.mp3


  • AK – Ghostbusters
  • Noel Anthony – Zombie Jamboree (from Music for Maniacs)
  • Celebrity Murder Party – The 13 Sins of Scooby Doo (from BBI/Mashuptown’s Mashup Massacre)
  • Luvbug Starski – Amityville
  • ToTom – Feel Good Devil
  • Bozilla ft Penny Polterghoost – Zombie Action Plan (from EOTMC)
  • Zooming On the Zoo – Go To Hell (from La Chiesa soundtrack)
  • Lupe Fiasco – The Cool (from Food & Liquor)
  • Bloc Party – Hunting for Witches (Ruckus Roboticus remix)
  • Gershon Kingsley – Hey Hey
  • RIAA – Always Another Sucker On The Vine
  • Pulsallama – The Devil Lives In My Husband’s Body
  • Young Punx and LBJ – Dancing with the devil
  • Creasos – Give me a werewolf tonight (from BBI/Mashuptown’s Mashup Massacre)
  • Mehrlicht – DIES IRAE
  • High Contrast – The Ghost of Jungle Past (from Tough Guys Don’t Dance)
  • controlfreak – Hell Hounds (remixed by Chaos Royale)
  • Coil – Are you Shivering?
  • Slaraffenland – Paranoid Android (from Stereogum Presents… OKX: A Tribute To OK Computer)
  • Appleblim – Fear
  • Skream – Tortured Soul
  • controlfreak – Leap of Faith
  • The Moontrekkers – Night Of The Vampire


  1. October 29

    You thought that was me? So I sing as good as Crispin Glover, eh? 😉

    Can’t believe you know The Devil Lives In My Husband’s Body – I’ve had the 12″ for ages, thought it was hopelessly out of print. In fact I ripped it to mp3 recently, thinking I might post it. Has it been re-issued?

  2. DJ Knight
    November 6

    Ooooh, thank you very much for “controlfreak” (aka that guy Matt)!!! Time to scan the net for his work.

    Tim, you haven’t heard the Crispen Glover album (from which that RIAA track grabbed Glover’s poetry reading)? Definitely worth adding to any electic music collection. Music by Barnes & Barnes (yeah, Fish Heads, plus lots and lots of adolescent rude tunes), poetry reading and singing by Glover. Perhaps he’ll finally release his second album, but probably not.

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