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You can comment on the Radio Clash Facebook Page or at the form below. Submissions are welcome from artists and bands, they do get played or featured from time to time, as well as comments from listeners, questions etc.


If you want to submit music to the podcast or blog please keep these things in mind: to play or feature you I need downloadable file(s) (fairly high quality such as at least 256Kbps MP3, at least 192Kbps AAC/M4A, FLAC, WAV, AIFF) – streaming-only services without downloads, 96-128Kbps MP3s or 30-second previews won’t get very far.

Also as this is a non-profit blog, I’d love to support everyone sending in music financially but I can’t…so paid Bandcamp or iTunes links aren’t that useful. I’m more likely to feature you if I can play or listen to your work on my iPod, I’m not that big on streaming outside of YouTube. And video mashup artists – please also have downloads! Send me private links on the form below – Dropbox or WeTransfer etc. if that’s a problem…it doesn’t have to be public.

And I hate to be firm, but it does seem some people are deaf when I say:. Sign me up for those, or ask and I’ll just add you to my spam block, unsubscribe, block your IP and not buy your services. Ever.


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