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September 13 /

“You cannot count on anyone except yourself. It’s sad, but true, and the sooner you learn it, the better.” As I prepare to move from Radio Clash Towers, the second half of this mix is about several things – the…

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October 24 /

Very sad, and 2016 strikes again, Pete Burns of Dead or Alive is now, err…dead at 57 of a heart attack. Big blow for the queer/LGBTQ and goth communities as he was an icon for both. Here he is in…

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October 23 /

A bit over ten years ago I was working on DJNoNo’s County Sound part of the compilation ‘Bride of Monster Mash’ and Mutant night to help promote it. Looking online it seems the site and links are dead – but…

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October 22 /

A modern update to Enid Blyton’s Famous Five from Quercus Books. Let’s hope the estate has more humour than Penguin did over Peter and Jane (then stole the idea!).

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October 18 /

I never knew Queen recorded a fast, punky, thrash version of ‘We Will Rock You’ – but they did for John Peel in 1977 – maybe a nod to his playlists at the time? Love it, it’s part of a…

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