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November 29 /

Something that’s been in the works for a while in collaboration with PomDeter and Crumplclobber is the Radio Clash t-shirt now available in a limited edition of 30. When they’re gone, they’re gone! Money is bit tight at the Radio…

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January 18 /

Needed cheering up, and this cute acoustic cover of We Call It Acieed by D-Mob featuring Gary Haisman did the trick. So sweet when she does the ‘Psycho Attack!’ parts. (via Jez Biggs)

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January 17 /

Didn’t know there was a video for ‘We’ll Be Right Back’? This song along with Arthur Baker’s Criminal Element Orchestra – Put The Needle To The Record, Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis, S’Express and Coldcut’s mix of Eric B…

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January 12 /

2016 has a late result – Larry Steibachek of Bronski Beat (pictured, centre) died last month. With Jimmy Somerville and Steve Bronski he formed Bronski Beat, revolutionary as all band members were out and gay. He did keyboards and…

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January 12 /

Sometimes you see a short film and it opens up even more questions – in fact I was watching this as if it was a trailer until I realised that was the film! Fascinating look into the life of billy…

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