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April 28 /

Apparently never previously released, this is mesmerising view of Dick Vaughn aka Richard Lyons performing ‘Perfect Cuts’ and perfect dancing in a mall in California. Somehow I know that thousands of millennials are trying to recreate this madness on their…

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April 27 /

Love this – and as I’ve said on my Twitter and FB – I support the Junior Doctors and hate this scaremongering about ‘deaths’ – you’ll receive FAR better care today than you would on a normal day when the…

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April 21 /

Negativland’s Richard Lyons died a few days ago, but just announced on the Negativland page. I was listening to Christianity is Stupid and indeed the whole of Escape from Noise yesterday as well – maybe the universe telling me something?…

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April 21 /

It’s been a shit year for music and entertainment deaths – David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Ronnie Corbett, Victoria Wood, now Prince. 6Music is playing this, and it seems so appropriate…originally recorded played live in a 20 minute version, and edited…

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