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What is it? (the short of it)

Radio Clash is a blog (and mixes and a radio station and more!) mostly featuring new music, weird covers, remixes, some mashups and whatever takes my fancy.

We bring you great music and the odd mashup, videos, events, news, views and interviews and beyond. We may not always be FIRST! but we’ll always be BEST as everything we post has been properly listened to and loved. Quality not quantity, speed nor any hidden record label agenda.

We won’t bring you: Adverts, endless Top Ten Lists, veiled advert competition gimmicks, PR-rehash posts, or ‘celeb’ interviews, just original thoughts and quality new music and video.

Accolades include:

  • Until November 2014, Radio Clash was the longest continuously running UK music podcast – as far as I can tell. Adam Curry stopped for a long time (I think a year or so), so did Green Dragon, Not Your Usual Bollocks and Ross’s Mashup Podcast have podfaded. Coverville was before me and is still going but that’s in the US (hence the UK) and Dark Compass started a week after me, which annoys Rowley greatly (love you ;-). I think I was the last man standing on the long-format music podcast side – and no throwing individual tunes into an RSS feed is not podcasting 😉
  • One of the first, if not the first mashup podcasts – there were many others that came and went in a short time so I was never sure of this, and excellent Radio Shows like Some Assembly Required only became podcasts in 2006. So I guess I was (I only played purely mashups for the first year though – but they’ve always been a regular feature of this blog and podcast since 2004)
  • I was the 2nd podcast in the UK / #1 still going – since November 2004 I might have been either 1st or 2nd or 3rd, depends if Not Your Usual Bollocks is still going (they seem to have stopped for good, February 2013 was the last) or whether you class Green Dragon as Welsh or not Looks like GD stopped podcasting, and Green Dragon Media 404’s and I can’t find any links for him now?…GD aka Martin Devaughan was the first British podcaster but seems to have stopped completely now. So I guess that bumps me up to first for still going then? Certainly I was one of the first UK podcasts after Adam Curry, and the podcast was added to Podcast Alley when it was <500 podcasts strong. (I didn’t join iTunes til much later, that’s cos they wouldn’t have me, not for want of trying that day in February 2005 – a very frustrating day that, as everyone else got 10,000 new listeners and kept getting ‘Your feed is incompatible’. Oh well…)
  • Occasional co-hosts included Kirk, Scott from the sadly missed Night Nurse Show, the Who Boys and Ian Fondue of Fondue Meltdown.
  • Worlds first podcast on psychedelics (then legal mushrooms, in June 2005!).
  • Featured in The Independent, Spin magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Now Playing, BBC Collective, BBC Radio 6 Phil Jupitus’ blog and Dazed and Confused.
  • Shows done from remote locations including a field in Canada, Paris, Outer Hebrides, Lisbon and America including Bootie UK Invasion San Francisco special three parter.
  • Interviews with many people involved in mashups and audio appropriation: rx, Phil n’ Dog, Who Boys, DJ Earworm, Eric Kleptone of The Kleptones, CartelMike from Cartel Communique/Bastard, Adrian and Mysterious D from Bootie, Don from Pirate Soundsystem, even a little bit of Jack White at one point, and many more.
Photo of Tim by Kirk
Yes I know I don’t look like my voice…photo by Kirk

Who are you?

Well this wasn’t in the first version of this FAQ, partly because I didn’t want RIAA and BPI copyright stormtroopers crashing through my windows, but as it is actually a frequently asked (well inferred) question unlike the rest of this FAQ which is totally made up, so I thought I’d better put it in.

I’m Tim, 37, living, breathing (barely) and podcasting from London, UK. Trained as a fine artist to degree level, I now work as a designer by day, and by night I swing from building to building, saving lives, liberating copyrights and podcasting as I go.

I do not have a wife and 3 kids, any cats, nor live in converted barn in Surrey. I am very thankful of that, and I give praise to the gods/goddess/other (delete as inexplicable) every day. I do in fact have a partner called John who is a university lecturer whom I’ve been with for over 14 years. No sign of any converted barns, hamsters, Volvos or patio furniture as yet.

You can see a picture of me somewhere around here.


To hear me talk about how Radio Clash started and as an intro, listen to this 5 minute MP3 clip I did for Britcaster in May 2006.

Umm, what’s this ‘podcasting’ malarkey?

Basically ‘broadcasting’ MP3 files to iPods or other MP3 playing devices through the Internet via software and what’s called a RSS feed – (in plain english the link provided below with ‘rssfeed’ in it, it’s like a hi-tech version of those ticker-tapes you seen in news rooms in old b&w movies).When I upload a show, your software checks that link periodically and if there’s a new show, it downloads it. It’s that simple.More about the definition of podcasting here: and here: (that’s a good ‘How to’ guide).

How do I listen to Radio Clash?

You can listen on the website through our player, or download the show off the blog, but it’s much easier to install some software to ‘catch’ the feed (podcatching software, or clients) and download shows as I put them up. It’s usually available on Windows and Mac, and there are Linux ones too. You can now also subscribe via Apple’s iTunes program (since version 4.9) – you can just click on the button on the homepage (in the sidebar) or search for ‘Radio Clash podcast’ in the iTunes Music Store, or you can subscribe directly if you put in the feed URL (see this page for details) into the box that appears when you select Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast (was called something like Manual Subscribe in 4.9, it’s now MUCH more friendlier). There are open source programs like Juice or gPodder, just google ‘podcasting clients’ and you will find…or most RSS readers or even mobile apps will allow podcast download nowadays. All the cool kids are doing it!

Do I need an iPod to listen?

No – any MP3 player or MP3CD player can play these shows – I use an iPod and several iRivers, they work happily on all.

Where can I hear more podcasts?

And if you’ve got a taste for this and want to d/load more shows, http://www.podcastpickle.com or check iTunes or just google…there are thousands if not probably millions out there!

Are you making money from this podcast?

In a word, no.

Do you want to? I have this great money making scheme…

Oh really? I have this person you really need to talk to from Nigeria, he really needs the cash AND he’s a prince…you two would get on well together…To sound like I’m on A-B repeat, ‘no’. Check out what I play in my casts; I talk about why I don’t make money from these. Yes I’d love a bigger audience, get paid for this, champagne every day and a stretch limo who wouldn’t? But I’d rather not have to change what I do or surrender my independence for that.

If you’re from someone who has a legal genuine solution for these caveats, or can work with someone who places creativity over capitalism, then drop me an email. Otherwise save it for those honest, genuine, totally not guillible people who try and sell me rx and Cialis tabs, and I’m sure they’d be really interested… 😉

What press have you gotten? I’m a groovy hip-n-happening journo and want to cover Radio Clash!

Ooh always happy for any press exposure for Radio Clash, interviews, help with your research, answer questions about mashups/bootlegs or podcasting etc, or even write for publications/books – please contact me at the address below. More the merrier. Dangerous to say this without getting all boastful and it going to my head, but Radio Clash has had press attention from The Independent, .net magazine, SPIN magazine, Dazed and Confused, the BBC (6Music and BBC Collective) and Entertainment Weekly magazine, MIT’s Technology in Review and shows have appeared on Sirius Satellite system too – even my podcasts have been used as part of MA and PhD courses! To find out what press we’ve got so far go here.

(sorry Don, yeah I’m publishing press clippings on my site, so shoot me!:-P No indie disco chancing as yet tho so I think the world is fairly safe…)

You can also hear me talk about Radio Clash in this 5 minute clip for Britcaster May 2006 – it’s all my own music so it’s fully podsafe/non-commercial CC, so feel free to use it, or a short clip from any of the shows if the legal side is not a problem.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me by having a look at the Contacts page for all the contact options

How do I find older shows? I can’t see shows before 106 in iTunes? Where can I download all the shows?

The earlier ones aren’t in iTunes – partly because originally iTunes wouldn’t let me join (I tried in Feb 2005 many times, but to no avail – never worked out why, I think they just didn’t like my wordpress feed).

But not to fear~ All the episodes of Radio Clash are online on my site (not Libsyn anymore) under the Podcasts link above and I’ve also uploaded all the previous shows up to my Mixcloud.

The link to the MP3/blog post should work for all of them….let me know if you find any broken links via the contact form above or the usual address, and I’ll fix them.

Why are you writing as if you are someone else?

Because I can.

Hope this helps!


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  2. December 12

    Hey guys,
    I resistly have been making video content of my project ocean signals. it consist of progressive metal djent guitar playthrough with full tracks addded in it. Fan of animals as leaders, the contortionist and plini will appreicate it. I also have released a single on spotify and itunes!
    Feel free to check it out and i hope its worthy to be broadcasted on your podcast!
    – Sean (Ocean Signals)

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