Why Corbyn?

I love A Up Let’s Talk, seen a few of his videos and he really gets WHY Corbyn is important, and this video describes it well…he marches with us, he’s tirelessly there for us, the people. Don’t see even the Blairites caring do we, they’re too busy with their dinner parties and posh events? Too many things like Theresa May’s unelected coronation (she’s a bit left-wing and stabilising? Her? DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!) or Angela Eagle and the others backstabbing in private. And on the other side, it’s obvious BoJo made a deal with May; that rather than being ‘backstabbed’ he pulled out sensing that it was a better deal if May won than being second-fiddle to Gove.

It’s like “ooh bring us stability? the stability your party was responsible for destroying? It’s all like a long con, for the cameras. I don’t doubt this whole leadership farrago was as staged as Angela Eagle and Hillary Benn’s past support for Corbyn. Glad to see my MP Tulip Siddiq supported Corbyn, the others? Well when it comes to selection in 2020 or before, you know who to avoid if they’re not on this list. To show such lack of support for your leader is not helping anyone, at a time when unity is needed. But from day one, Momentum has been marked as a vanguard, ‘entryists’, etc. I’m not even a member of either but I can see it for what it is.

Without Corbyn or someone relatable and tireless in their grass roots politics (Corbyn again, basically) Labour will be a ghost ship, a new captain but adrift without popular mandate nor grass roots support. The late Kinnock/Brown years the sequel. Thatcher started this process, but Blair finished it. She smashed their working base, but Labour threw out Militant & wooed centre ground…I don’t see where the support for the Blairites, especially after damning Chilcot report, will come from? People, especially the shat-on working class want change, hence why extremist parties and protest votes are popular…but stifling that change won’t help anyone except the far reaches of politics, the fascists and the extremists. Both sides keep voting for austerity, war and military spend, then you’ll get riots and racism and maybe even revolution. I should be for the latter, but even I can see the 1933 or Iran parallels with that, play that destabilisation game and you might find yourself at the wrong end of a gun.

That’s why I’m tempted to sign up with Unite or join the Labour party – the fight for the heart of the Labour party is going to define the next 4-5 years. Even though checking out say the LGBT Labour page it makes me want to throw things how they claim things they never started nor created like civil partnerships, get the dates wrong for decriminalisation (wrong Wilson government!) and then look at the Patrons page and it’s full of Blairites or anti-Corbynites from Chris Smith, Angela Eagle, Stephen Twigg, Lord Cashman, Ben ‘Momentum Are A Bunch of Thugs’ Bradshaw, Nick Brown, Chris Bryant… They don’t represent me – you know you can be queer AND radical? (Same message goes out to queer HillBots over the pond) :-/

Also shows you how odd politics have become when one half of Right Said Fred who doesn’t even live here is still arguing about Brexit and denying any racism…

And they wonder why people hate politics?

And as Dead Ringers point out, Angela sounds like a scared badger at the edge of a busy road! She’s not a leader, she’s so nervous and can’t even tell people what her different policies are. Tempted to join – not been a member of a party ever – just to defend Corbyn – because otherwise there won’t be ANY opposition at a time that Boris Johnson is the Foreign Secretary. Yes Mr “Bongo-Bongo Land” who insulted so many countries and is a complete mess now has some serious power. Be very afraid.

One thing I don’t agree with below is giving in on the Remain vote; it’s not a done deal…and some if not all of 52% have shown such a shocking way of leading, through racism, gloating and hatred, that I don’t think allowing Article 50 to be triggered is a good thing. I suspect it might get quietly sidelined, or Liam Fox and BoJo will be sacrificial lambs to Brexit, because if/when it’s triggered it’s all going to happen again…and May is cleverly setting it up for them to fall on their swords. She’s scary.

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