Super Tory Party

Love this animation – Corbyn uses fireball! Corbyn uses Momentum! Corbyn uses empathy!

But yes – those of you in the UK: make sure you register to vote by the 22nd of May AND get out to vote on the 8th of June. Together we can stop the Nasty Party and Their Temple of Doom (or Bastard of Brexit) because I don’t think much of the UK will be left – let alone the NHS or any of it’s beloved institutions – if Mayday gets a majority. And given the fact the poll gap is getting less, even the chance of a change from a bunch of rich people helping themselves…here’s hoping.

BTW oddly some people don’t know that Tories = Conservatives. I know, but I was hearing an odd (apocryphal?) story on Facebook that someone said they weren’t going to vote for the Tories but they were going to vote Conservative. It’s the same party!

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