Radio Clash 111: Eclectic Kettle Special

EK later

Last Saturday I DJ’d in Bristol at the ever-popular Eclectic Kettle night – as featured in the Guardian! I had a great time DJing so this episode is the set I played in Bristol (hence the super-strength show), so great music, great times, great night!

Photos now available here.
Mr Pot Black Desiato – Kettle calling! Kettle calling! (96Mb, 107 mins)


  • Audioshrapnel – Gone Roy’s Gone
  • Mr Jim – Tribute
  • EK set:
  • Bugsy Malone – Fat Sam’s Grand Slam
  • Pioneers – Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
  • Lupe Fiasco – Real
  • Rebel MC – Street Tuff
  • Instamatic – Ludakriss (Kid Carpet version)
  • Instamatic – Jump x2
  • Shirley Ellis – Ever Seen a Diver Kiss His Wife While The Bubbles Bounce Above the Water
  • ELO – Don’t Bring Me Down
  • Chicory Tip – Son of the Father
  • RAH band – The Crunch
  • Lionel Vinyl – Is there a Doctor on the Train?
  • Breakwater – Release the Beast
  • Cerrone – Supernature (Original mix)
  • Space – Magic Fly
  • DMob fr Gary Haisman – We Call it Acieeed
  • Guru Josh – Infinity
  • MC Tunes vs 808 State – Tunes Splits the Atom
  • Rebel MC ft Barrington Levy and Tenor Fly – Tribal Bass
  • Apeboy – Enya vs Prodigy (Lenlow Edit)
  • Dale B – Me and Julio
  • Modern Romance – Best Years of Our Lives
  • Muppets – Moving Right Along
  • Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Music for a Found Harmonium
  • Helen Reddy – Angie Baby
  • Littlest Hobo theme


  1. joe
    March 15

    Wow… a mashup of the jackson 5 with the TV theme to the dave allen at large show, that was crazy. No I’m not from britian, I’m a wanker from the US and we got to see this decades later on a public access channel called WTTW.

  2. March 16

    Cool! I was wondering how many people would get that – Dave Allen being a hero of mine, used to watch him all the time as a kid.

  3. W. A. Duck
    March 18

    Kudos on show 111 Tim. Your EK set had me movin’ and groovin’ (not a pretty thing in my case).

    Oh, and Dave Allen rules. I used to be fascinated by his half finger. Nowadays a man sitting in a chair drinking and smoking while just mostly telling stories wouldn’t stand a chance on TV.

  4. March 18

    >> Modern Romance – Best Years of Our Lives

    Dammit, I was hoping I’d dreamed about dancing to that 😮

  5. March 18

    LOL yeah you did….apparently Phil and Dog are going to outcheese.

    I am SO there!

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