Just vote – no vote is wasted

Tomorrow it’s the Local and European elections for many people in the UK. Here’s a non-party political from Eddie Izzard with one important message: VOTE. Doesn’t matter for who, although I’d really not recommend UKIP because not only it’s most likely against your interests, they’re a bunch of racists, sexists, homophobe and rich bankers who send the cops around if you criticise them. Nice.

But yes there are alternatives! I personally was planning to vote Green, which if you truly want a protest vote would annoy all three major parties – and for all you Eurosceptics they also want a referendum. Bonus!

Thing is fascist parties like BNP and EDL (and I’d argue UKIP are not very far from that) love the fact that people are apathetic when it comes to elections, it lets them get in. If large amounts of people vote, then that won’t happen. In fact if everyone voted, then not only might things change I can guarantee it would not been a fringe-fascist landslide. And there is no such thing as a wasted vote, despite what some lying leaflets say. European Elections every vote counts, it’s not First Past The Post. And even within First Past The Post votes are never wasted, because I know from my time helping my Dad with local elections that if there was sudden swing to another party or single cause any decent politician pays attention to those concerns. It’s how they stay elected, you ignore big local issues at your peril.

So I hope you all vote tomorrow, the only wasted vote is not to vote.

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