RC 191: Aural pOddities 3

My collage contains elements from Leandroid, superk8nyc, kumar303, and bertwerk via Creative Commons derivative works license off Flickr

Yes after 4 years in the wilderness, the Aural pOddities show is BACK! Aren’t you lucky…after the last very POP show this is as unpop as it gets, including the mad, bad, sad, and just plain irritating avant-retard latest in car-crash audio.

You’ll feel like you’ve been in an audio trainwreck and will rush to your Kylie CDs for relief after this, but it’s worth reminding yourselves there’s a strange world out there, and people make and made music and audio like this…and the stranger sadistic thing, I really enjoy it all 😀

Note: not all tracks used in this are ‘unlistenable’ nor ‘crap’ – but they are mixed with a specially developed ‘Unbeliev-a-bull-crap-o-sonic’ technique so terribly with other tracks to make them so. So no offence intended – the most crap thing here is me after all 😉

With thanks (blame?) to WFMU’s Beware of the Blog, 365 Days Project, Hotrod’s Run for Cover, Cool and Strange Music Magazine , Lux and Ivy’s Favorites and many more.

Play LOUD to all your enemies (141Mins, 129Mb)


  • I Cut People – optimistdroppings

Kids and Religion Don’t Mix

  • Jim & Tammy & Their Friends – Oops! There Comes a Smile
  • Aunt Bertha Presents Singtime with Tiny Tot Calvin – A Cowboy For Jesus
  • I Cut People – delete jesus
  • Bill Carter – Baby Brother
  • The Holiday City Hotcha Kitchen Band – Welcome From Holiday City
  • Rick McNamara – Are You Hung Up?

Sex in the Shitty

  • Byrd E. Bath – Old Fashioned Balls
  • FAX Records Special Erotica Series #5 – Nights of Love In Lesbos: Side 1
  • Les Baxter – Lust
  • The Four Skins – It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Syphilis
  • Cyrus Sullivan – Sex Worker
  • Peter Gault & Amy Rachelle – Cosmic Vagina
  • Edith Massey – Big Girls Don’t Cry

Invert Advertorial Interval

  • Soul :60
  • Cassetteboy – Crapboasts
  • I Cut People – A Few Good Product Placements

Food Fight!

  • Shakin Jake Woods – Fat Bacon
  • Peter Gault & Amy Rachelle – Constipation
  • Roger Roger – Sound Industrial 15
  • GITAR – His Holy Exalted Donut
  • The Readymen – Shortnin Bread
  • Johnny Parker – tv commercial
  • Peter L. Batsin – How To Make a Tape Recorder
  • Helen & Dick Bouchard – At The End Of The Rainbow Is Tweekertown
  • Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow
  • Helen & Dick Bouchard – Nobody Wears A Frown In Tweekertown

By God It’s Foreign Gibberish!

  • bosstones – mope-itty moope
  • Unknown – Yoodling
  • Charlie Drake – I’ve Lost The End Of My Yodel
  • Sheena Scott – Yodelay
  • The Credibility Gap – Foreign Novelty Smash
  • Mala Fe – Beat It
  • Gianko y su Sonido La Limpia – A Heart Alone (chichin!)
  • Antonio Eugenio Martinez – Volver Volver
  • Leonard Simmons – Somewhere My Love
  • Mr. Miller and The Blue Notes – Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter
  • Mme St. Onge – Prends-moi (Try Me)
  • Graveworm – Holding Out for a Hero (Bonnie Tyler)
  • Spike Jones – The Jones Laughing Record

Animals Never Work

  • Wevie Stonder – Gypsy Chimp
  • Virginia Belmont – Billie – Dick – Duke (Canary Solos)
  • Nino Nardini – Waltzing Birds
  • Pancho the Parrot Sings! – I Left My Heart In San Francisco
  • Forbidden Five – Enchanted Farm
  • The Tape-beatles – /o/ for frog
  • Vampires’ Sound Incorporation – The Lions and the Cucumber
  • Eddie Osbourne – Kitten On The Keys
  • Nino Nardini – Doggie Boogie
  • The Seven Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog

Deaf and Violence

  • Frank Perry and the Big Action Sound – I Can Fly
  • EXEDEXEX – not didgeridoo fight ???
  • Sound 8 – Music For Children’s Activities
  • John Oswald – z
  • GITAR – no-gitar
  • The Tape-beatles – …of rebellion
  • Groove Da Praia – Used To Love Her (Guns N Roses)
  • Bernard Cribbins – The Hole In The Ground
  • dicky doo & the don’ts – flip top box
  • John Oswald – case of death [part one. chapters 1-16]
  • The Frantics – Werewolf
  • GITAR – la_getaway
  • Embers – I walked all night
  • Naomi Hall – Bride of the Monster
  • John Oswald – case of death [part two. chapters 1-9]
  • Katie Lee – Repressed Hostility Blues
  • Erika Eigen – I Wanna Marry A Light House Keeper
  • Topmost – The End


  1. BenY
    July 20

    Hm, I am also a little suspicious of twinkies and air strikes. Anyway, I did “enjoy” that and made it to the end. Evidently Pancho the Parrot is real?


    • July 22

      glad you ‘enjoyed’ it 😀

  2. Aaron H.
    July 20

    Pancho the Parrot … He’s alive. ALIVE!

    • July 22

      He’s ALIVE I tell thee!

      And rather scary…

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