Adventure – not predicament

Nice to see that Big Joy has gained it’s Kickstarter target – it’s a documentary about James Broughton, a name I knew and only clicked where from in his wikipedia entry that Stan Brakhage was a friend who filmed his wedding…probably that. I must say the trailer had quite a few instances of me going ‘OMG are they still ALIVE?’ 😉

A unique filmmaker, and a unique life without boundaries or boxes he was also a poet and a founder of Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and involved with Radical Faeries. Past like these must be captured – although I worry that it’s all the American queer experience that is being studied (films like MILK and this), what of the queer history here? Or in Europe?

Or even more worryingly the hidden and unspoken queer experience of Africa and Asia – which I’m sure stories as rich as this exist, but the silence helps promote an false atmosphere of ‘It Couldn’t Happen Here’?

Anyway I expect this documentary to indeed bring big joy to many – must check out his films, they look exactly my sort of thing, Jodorowky crossed with Pink Narcissus and Kenneth Anger! (via David Kerlick)

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