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November 29 /

Something that’s been in the works for a while in collaboration with PomDeter and Crumplclobber is the Radio Clash t-shirt now available in a limited edition of 30. When they’re gone, they’re gone! Money is bit tight at the Radio…

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February 22 /

As you might have guessed from the last post I’ve been revisiting past eras to find music of resistance for today – the UK and Trump situation isn’t a new one, resisting Thatcher, Nixon, Reagan and Bush v1 and v2…

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February 20 /

Should you punch a Nazi? Really? This is my response. Credit To The Nation and Chumbawamba, sadly as current as it was in 1993. Always loved the steal from one of my favourite Pet Shop Boys songs, too. Odd video,…

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February 9 /
February 9 /