RC 266: Winging It

Dark and flappy, gothic and giddy, the new podcast comes just in time for Halloween – just as well as it seems rather grotesque, if even by accident as I fly by the seat of my pants…then find I have no pants.

And then forget to upload it. Pfft. Bird brain.

Stone the crows! Oh no they’re Zombie Crows! Screeching ‘Brains…Nevermore!’, oh I’m safe then. (2:21, 193Mb)

  • Infectionform – YTPMV The Michael Rosen Rhapsody
  • The Fat White Family – I Am Mark E Smith
  • L7 – Shitlist
  • Tribe 8 – Oversize Ego
  • Lard – They’re Coming to take me Away
  • Hulk Hogan & Itch-Band – Itch Ban
  • Katy B & Geeneus – Good Life (Remix)
  • Robyn – Who’s That Girl (Seamus Haji Remix)
  • Spoek Mathambo, Cerebral Cortex, Frown – Zombie
  • The Coup – The Guillotine
  • Tribe 8 – Wrong Bathroom
  • Gender Infinity – Highlife Time
  • SuperVision – Milky Way Stomp
  • Dunproofin’ – Only Mashups Can Break Your Heart
  • Noosha Fox – Judy Blue (unreleased)
  • Röyksopp & Robyn – Monument
  • Sinkane – Blown
  • Mogwai – This Messiah Needs Watching
  • Chromatics – Tomorrow Is So Far Away
  • The Fat White Family – Auto Neutron
  • Chromatics – Chalk Dust (Holy Water)
  • Bruce Lacey – Cycles of the Serpent 3
  • Prince & 3Rdeyegirl – Whitecaps
  • Team Dresch – Don’t Try Suicide
  • Radical Face – The Mute
  • Bruce Lacey – Ancient Forces 1
  • Chromatics – Tick Of The Clock
  • John Grant and the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra – Pale White Ghosts

Space Harrier Vocal Version

Who knew that there was an official vocal version of the Space Harrier Theme? o.O I think that’s Hiroshi Kawaguchi singing aka the composer of the music from this video game, as well as OutRun, Hang On, Afterburner and many, many more.

Shame I didn’t know about this for the up-coming (recorded and edited, just have to do the cover) 16-bit show, on second thoughts glad I didn’t.

There are other, maybe stranger, covers of 8/16 bit game themes included though…

The Disgustings

Wonderfully sharp satire of two gay men, going about their day bitching and tearing down everything in their path, in L.A. fashion, which was funded via Kickstarter. It strangely reminds me of a slacker remake of The Day of The Locust with a rather more gay bent, and intercut (I love how that’s done). And good use of Hi Fashion’s ‘I’m Not Madonna’.

This could be London, New York or Paris (actually no, they’re too friendly for the last two :-P) – and I have had the treatment of the guy in the bar going up to someone, and he and his friends rip you to shreds. At least twice.

And they wonder why I tend to avoid saying anything to people I fancy…

Funny thing is I saw this over at TowleRoad, where the comment section is full of Daryls and Pierces bitching about the film. Can’t. Make. It. Up. *eyeroll*

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