RC 257: Sinking Under The Waves I Saw A Strange Brass Fox

As the band played on and I slid under the waves. I saw a strange new world, a chrome country of glittering golden brass bands and singing children, J-Pop stars singing death metal, a sailor’s daughter remembering the songs of her father, a dream of Belgian New Beat and electronic computerised pop. And foxes, obviously.

Then I realised it was all a promo for Kate Bush’s new tour so I escaped the ticket touts by getting on a flight to the South Indian ocean, as BA suggested on Oceanic 850. Bermuda Triangle Records here I come!

(Cover is various panoramas I’ve done but never posted over the last 2 years – Bestival, Scotland, Japan Festival, Painshill)

Pan Am Orama! Fox News, Live from the Burrow 24/7 (183Mb, 2:20)

  • BABYMETAL – Give Me Choco!!
  • Hackney Colliery Band – Prodigy Medley: Jericho / Out of Space / No Good
  • Jay-Z/Daft Punk – Computerized
  • pomDeter – Digital Train (2014)
  • 101 – Rock To The Beat
  • Airplane Crashers – I Have A Dream
  • Kacic Kullmann’s Five – Terjelator
  • Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal
  • Ananda Shankar – Streets of Calcutta
  • Electronic – Tighten Up
  • Fat Truckers – Roxys
  • freddyscott – This Is A Trent Reznor Song
  • BABYMETAL – Megitsune” (????)
  • Ghost – Crucified (Army Of Lovers cover)
  • Infinite Radio & The Shadow people – Iron
  • Future Islands – Fall From Grace
  • Sabina – Sailor’s Daughter
  • Grace Jones – Walking In The Rain
  • Todd Terje – Snooze 4 Love (Version)
  • Oneohtrix Point Never – Chrome Country
  • Gavin Bryars – The Sinking Of The Titanic – Hymn 4 (Aughton)
  • Christopher Hobbs – McCrimmon Will Never Return
  • The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home (feat. Patrick Watson)
  • Frank Eddie – Stay Another Day (Frank Eddie Remix)

How to make me feel very old

Kids React To Things seems designed to make me feel very old. Here they react to Walkmans, but also a previous one was the Rotary/Dial Telephone.

After watching the Walkman video I’m like COME ON – they don’t know what headphones are? They don’t have iPods or headphones for their phones? Hmm. That technology hasn’t changed…but yes, cassettes mean nothing to the next generation, although a bit like not knowing how to use dial phones or write letters, I do wonder how they’ll cope in the rest of the world which isn’t all iEnabled and touch screen, like Africa, or older parts of the world. (Walkman video via Jeb 50 Pound Note)

Although the format usually emphasises the differences, it’s interesting how on Teens React to Nirvana, how similar things are still – all of these teenagers weren’t even born when Kurt Cobain killed himself, and they LOVE and know Nirvana. This gives me hope – and makes me feel less old – and shows that the technology to play the music might be ephemeral, the actual music isn’t.

Also, RIP Kurt. I still remember that day…

Suicide is Painless karaoke

I just don’t…

Oh why ask me?

No idea what’s going on here…rather literal and creepy translation of the song, much? (via Pomdeter)

Skeetwood Mac & Trill Collins – Melker Project

We’re a sucker for Fleetwood Mac ANYTHING on Radio Clash (even produced our own Fleetwood Mash mashup album, still available!) so nice to see people still creating FM mashups like this Skeetwood Mac, taking Trill Rap and mixing it with FM. Love The Chain vs 2Chainz (so obvious, but then again it always is after the fact!) and Never Going Back Again vs Yung Joc. Not so sure about the two others, but that’s always the deal with mashup albums, really.

Seems since then the Melker Project has also tackled the Skeetles (The Beatles), Red Hot Trilli Peppers (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Trill Collins and others.

Really like the In the ToNas Nas vs Phil Collins mashup too:

Doncha know this mashup brings all the cats to your yard

Classic DJ Schmolli mashup ‘Don’t Cha Rock My Milk Shakes’ (Zoe vs Pussycat Dolls vs Kelis) which sure I’ve played on the podcast or out before, but given the Aristocats treatment ;-) Might’ve even posted this before, but it deserves a pearoast if so. Found via Crumplebangers page – click the ;-(!

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