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How can I contact you?

Well if you listened to the podcast you’d know ;-) Had way too much spam, so unless you’re a listener you can comment on the Radio Clash Facebook Page or at the form below..

BTW there is also an email address for submissions but due to abuse by promo/PR companies signing me up for mailing lists and spamming it, you’d also have to listen to the podcast to find it, or use the form below!

Sorry for the cloak and dagger approach, but it does seem some people don’t listen when I say NO PR SPAM, NO PROMO LISTS. Sign me up for those, and I’ll just add you to my spam block and unsubscribe, and never play one of your artists. Ever. I don’t have time to wade through mailing lists usually with nothing to do with the music I play on the podcast…

But fear not – submissions via that address from listeners and directly from artists are more than welcome – I do play those from time to time!

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