Radio Clash 115: Summer’s Queer Kids

Yes the sun is shining and summer is back again, well probably for two weeks and then will fuck off so enjoy this early summer special while it lasts!

Let’s all play in the sunshine: (80Mb

  • 2001 vs First Time (excerpt from The Man Don’t Give Two Forks)
  • Kleptones – Stop
  • Zamali – ABC In Central Park (from 10-4 Baby compilation)
  • Frenchbloke – Hands Around My Cock
  • DJ Earworm -Promiscuous Lola (from 10-4 Baby compilation)
  • The Paragons – Tide is High
  • A+D – Standing in the Way of Connection (from 10-4 Baby compilation)
  • Wax Audio – Metallica goes to Punjab
  • Baba Seghal – Tanda Tanda Pani
  • Hal Cali – Candy Hearts
  • Usha Uthup – Chupke Kaun Aya (from The Trip)
  • Bjork – Bukolla
  • Minipops – Cruel Summer
  • Bim Skala Bim – Popcorn (from WFMU)
  • Fiddler’s Green – Popcorn (from WFMU)
  • Mark Summers – Summers Magic (original version)
  • fudgetools – james bongo (excerpt from The Man Don’t Give Two Forks)
  • Billy Bunter & JDS – Let It Lift You
  • Venetian Snares – We Are Oceans
  • Scissor Sisters – Us and Them (demo)
  • VoiceDude – Four Twenty [one-hit edit]
  • Kate Bush – Delius (Song of Summer)
  • The Kleptones – Breathe In The Summertime
  • tbc – Saturday Sunshine
  • Sad Kermit – Creep
  • Scissor Sisters – Return to Oz (demo)


  1. April 9

    Love your choice of tunes on this mix. I have become a real fan of your podcast. Thanks!

  2. April 10

    truly excellent…. fine summer tunes. gave me the boost that i needed. cheers from stockholm

  3. May 16

    Fell behind and playing catchup, I had to stop by and give props for 115. Cheered me up immensely as work tries to bury me.

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