RC 235: The Queer History of Pop Part 2 (90s-00s)

Part two of The Queer History of Pop – this is version two, those who listened in on Radio Clash LIVE! would have heard an exclusive never-to-be-repeated version, glitches and all 😉

Here we discuss the queer history of pop from early 90’s queer Act-Up! activism to the 1990s Britpop explosion and flirting with queer imagery to the 00s with out, proud and angry feminist and LGBTQ artists making a noise.

We’re Queer We’re Here and We Want Some Tea, Dear (1:59, 121Mb)

  • WeHaveLove – Glad To Be Gay
  • Rough Trade – High School Confidential
  • Kronos Quartet/Bob Ostertag – All the Rage (excerpt)
  • The Soft Pink Truth – Homo-Sexual (The Angry Samoans)
  • Pete Shelley – Homosapien (Minke re-edit)
  • Suede – Animal Nitrate
  • Gene – Left-Handed
  • Placebo – Hang On To Your IQ
  • Pet Shop Boys – To Speak Is A Sin
  • Murray Gold – Queer As Folk Theme
  • The Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control (Le Tigre Remix)
  • Lesbians On Ecstasy – Party Time (A Womyn’s Luv)
  • MEN – Who Am I To Feel So Free
  • Pet Shop Boys feat. Elton John – In Private (Original Version)
  • Frenchbloke – Hands Around My Cock (George Michael vs Death In Vegas & Kylie)
  • rjd2 – Smoke & Mirrors
  • The Czars – Where The Boys Are
  • The Magnetic Fields – Come Back From San Fransisco
  • Scissor Sisters – Return To Oz
  • Lou Reed featuring Antony – Candy Says (live)
  • Kiki and Herb – Those Were The Days (featuring Michale Cavadias, Debbie Harry, Isaac Mizrahi, Molly Ringwald, Rufus Wainwright, and the Voices In Our Heads)
  • Tom Robinson – Glad To Be Gay (The Last Word)

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