RC 234: The Queer History of Pop Part 1 (1960s-1980s)

I’ve been listening to the Story of Pop which again has been repeated on 6Music, but this time also reading the excellent Simon Napier-Bell’s Black Vinyl White Powder and the contrast has been striking – not so much the drug usage which has been there in the BBC series, but the queer element has been definitely not featured. And as we know, from the gay managers and producers of the 1960s to the out and proud pop stars of the 1970s and 80’s the music industry has been pretty pink, especially in pop and dance music.

So I thought as February is Gay History Month it was time to do The Queer History of Pop – no interviews but a lot more music…this was recorded in front of a live audience, well the Radio Clash LIVE! stream and the Ustream webcam – so if you missed that, you missed out. Part Two covering 1990s to present day will be recorded this Wednesday at 8pm – expect riot grrl and a more angry show to the Peace and Love of this one, well excepting Jayne County 😉

If you like this show you might like the Space Disco shows and the Gay Shame mix.

I Was Born This Way, Yes Even the Earrings Darling (114Mb / 1:57)

  • Tom Robinson – Glad To Be Gay (Coming Out, 1982)
  • Hetty King – Piccadilly
  • The Tornados – Do you come here often?
  • The Kinks – See my friend
  • Jobriath – I’m a Man
  • Elton John – I Think I’m Gonna Kill Myself
  • David Bowie – Queen Bitch
  • WBAI (Larry Josephson & The Laughing Cavalier) – Gay Cruising
  • Wayne County – Man Enough To Be A Woman
  • Valentino – I was born this way
  • Des de Moor and Russell Churney – Boys Keep Swinging (David Bowie)
  • George Carlin – Gay Lib
  • Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Ain’t nobody straight in L.A.
  • Bronski Beat – I feel love (ft. Marc Almond)
  • Klaus Nomi – You Don’t Own Me
  • Sylvester – Menergy (remix)
  • Divine – You think you’re a man (Razormaid Mix)
  • Jamie Principle – Waiting In My Angel (Leftside Wobble Re-Edit)
  • Coil – Tainted Love

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