Story of Pop on Sampling and Remixing

If you’re in the UK (or have access to a UK proxy) I really recommend these two BBC 6Music shows as part of the Story of Pop series which I’ve been listening to – I have an old cassette tape of the It’s A Steal – Sampling show of Coldcut talking through all their samples for Paid In Full from the original; Radio 1 broadcast in 1994! You only have a few days to listen, so do it now!

The one on remixing is called Re-Make Re-Model – covering the likes of Tom Moulton, Double D and Steinski, Coldcut, Augustus Pablo, Trevor Horn and interviews with Norman Cook, Bruce Forest, Shep Pettibone, Arthur Baker, David Morales, Brian Eno and David Dorrell. Interesting to hear about the History of remixing before mashups and the start of the rise of the ‘bedroom producer’. Wish I could embed them but BBC has to block anyone embedding their content…feh.

BTW tonight’s podcast/live broadcast is related to the Story of Pop – I’m creating the Story of Queer Pop because it’s missing from this series – in fact the series although very good is mostly coy about drugs and sex in the series, which is strange since it was devised as a late-night R1 program and has rock stars happily swearing in it (although oddly the only program to get the ‘Explicit’ tag was the hip-hop one…which didn’t seem to have anything rude, or even parental advisory in it. Strange).

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