Steinski and the art of the cut-up

Didn’t know there was a video for ‘We’ll Be Right Back’? This song along with Arthur Baker’s Criminal Element Orchestra – Put The Needle To The Record, Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis, S’Express and Coldcut’s mix of Eric B & Rakim’s Paid in Full were my introduction to the world of the cut-up – which eventually led to bootlegs & mashups.

But unlike the others, ‘We’ll Be Right Back’ was the first time I realised you could cut-up television and radio as well as the well-established use of other records. Might seem obvious now, but back then the idea you could make a musical track by cutting up adverts or spoken word was very radical – lead to an interest in Emergency Broadcast Network (where Cassetteboy and Eclectic Method got their inspiration I’d bet) and Negativland and a lot of attempts at video and audio cut-ups during my degree.

Relatio Clash

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  1. January 17

    I got my inspiration from Hexstatic and Coldcut and then they showed me EBN

    • January 17

      Ahh thanks for clearing that up 😀

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