Gay Shame mix

Supposed to be part of RC 121 but it all got way too long, so here it is as a separate long mix. Swap with your friends! Or swap FOR your friends! Sell them into slavery, I don’t care…

As it’s Gay Pride Month, here’s another alternative love/hate mix about Gay Pride – called Gay Shame¬† again in honour of Duckie, who aren’t running one this year. So maybe this mix will do?

Or maybe not?

It’s a sequel to this mix/podcast I did back in March 06 – which I thought was called Gay Shame but that’s the subtitle of one of Jeb’s mixes – oops. Bad, bad, bad memory! Jeb’s mix certainly inspired this one…as well as my love of campy silly music that I’ve played throughout Radio Clash.

Don tiny white tee, tiny black thong, stupid hat and those really annoying whistles here: (45mins / 37Mb)


  • Kinsey Sicks – Gay Sera Sera (live – from Boyz 2 Girlz)
  • Kay Why? – Brothers Butch (From the Closet to the Charts)
  • Eric Idle – Gay Animal Song
  • Bill Hicks – Gays in the Military
  • Scissor Sisters – Bicycle of the Devil (demo)
  • La Terremoto De Alcorcon – Sin Afeitar (Gloria Gaynor Homenaje)
  • Strawberry Shortcake – I Was Born to Disco
  • Michael Gum – Lovefool
  • Peter Grudzien – White Trash Hillbilly Trick (From the Closet to the Charts)
  • William Shatner – Keep it Gay
  • No More Abba
  • Nation – Waterloo
  • Hidden Cameras – Ban Marriage
  • Graveworm – It’s a Sin
  • Tornados – Do You Come Here Often? (From the Closet to the Charts)
  • Cinerama – All the Things She Said
  • Magnetic Fields – No One Will Ever Love You (from 69 Love Songs)
  • Buy My Pride (with Spoken intro live – from I Wanna Be a Republican)
  • Jay and Silent Bob ending

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