I Am Now My Own Radio Station – Radio Clash LIVE! Goes 24/7

Radio Clash is now broadcasting 24 hours, 7 days a week! Yes care of the wonderful Airtime and managing to get my old PowerPC Minimac to work with Linux (he wrote, several days later…*sigh*) …Broadcasting mostly the 2 continuous weeks / 350+ hours (!!!) of podcasts – and many more hours of mixes – but live live LIVE! on Wednesday and planning to do more live broadcasts. I also now know far too much about Linux servers than I really wanted to..

If you want a iTunes/Windows Media Player friendly link then try this or this. If it’s playing yet you hear silence let me know, I should know if the server goes down/power cut as I have an alert on the stream going down, but Airtime will happily broadcast silence…:-/

Schedule currently is podcasts apart from 6-8pm every day is ‘Mix at 6’ devoted to mixes I’ve done*, then back to podcasts until Wednesday 8pm it’s live broadcasts from me, next one this Wednesday is Queer History of Pop Part 2 (1990s-2000s).

* Let me know if you want me to play your long mixes…happily feature other people’s mixes, I have about 22 hours of mixes which means it won’t be that repetitive, but other mixes or shows always welcome…

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