Radio Clash 123: rx interview

Yes I’ve interviewed the mystery man himself, rx creator of such George Bush-baiting bootlegs as ‘Imagine/Walk on the Wildside’ and ‘Dick is a Killer’ and ‘White Lines’ – all Radio Clash favourites.

We talk about his presidential campaign, politics, drugs, music and money. What more can you want?

You can find more about rx at

Click is the killer: (43Mb, 69mins)


  • rx – My name is rx
  • Who is rx?
  • Bush is a better singer
  • How long does it take?
  • rx – Generation rx
  • Prime Minister Brown
  • People don’t trust politicians
  • Drugged politicians
  • rx – White Lines
  • RX2008 Presidential Campaign
  • War on drugs
  • Taxes and no trust
  • Ecophobia and ecofear
  • Culture of life
  • rx – Imagine / Walk on the Wild Side
  • Poltics and music
  • Favourite music and mashups
  • Peaches
  • (me)tm – hello
  • Recording and prevarication
  • Favourite you’ve done?
  • It’s about the point
  • rx – HIV/AIDS
  • Insular islands
  • 9/11
  • Avoiding the question
  • rx – Dick is a Killer
  • Perpetuating the media
  • No logo and EMI
  • Money and music
  • rx -Freedom 101


  1. July 18

    Great show Tim, thanks! Never heard of RX before today.

  2. July 24

    loved hearing the man behind the great bush mashups. Also love any tune featuring Bush speaking his patheticly hilarious spanish.

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