Xmas Rave Wars

It’s Festive Rave Wars for the Xmas #1 this year! Campaign to get Altern8’s Activ-8 to Christmas #1 has been floating around for a while but now Mark Archer is re-releasing the Masked Hysteria classic it’s going into hyperdrive, with remixes from Balkan Vinyl faves such as AGT Rave Cru, DJ Phantasy, DJ Billy Daniel Bunter & King Yoof, Tommie Sunshine & Costeffects, Rocket Pimp and many others. You can pre-order on iTunes now.
Nice one, top one, get Santa!

But hark! Ding dong! A new contender has entered the ring – Orbital are releasing Christmas Chime the day before, with a new video – which is very funny and you can also pre-order on iTunes.

Which will win? Head torches vs facemasks, bells vs bleeps?

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