RC 149: Where Were You in ’92? (Rave – Hardcore pt 2)

Part 2 of the Rave mix; the beats get faster 92-95, and we’re sorted, nice one, wicked, larging it on the pirate airwaves…watch yer bassbins I’m tellin’ yer…with a few interruptions from Heart FM (not that one, the pirate from 1995).

Pirate Radio Will Never Die (41Mb, 53mins)

  • M. D. Emm – Got any Hardcore Acid? (Pure Acid Hardcore Mix)
  • SL2 – On a Ragga Tip
  • Ratpack – Searching for my Rizzla
  • DJ Phantasy and DJ Gemini – Ruff Beats Producing Bass
  • Prodigy – Fire (Sunrise version)
  • Xenophobia – Rushing the House
  • Shades of Rhythm – Extasy
  • Bass Construction – Dance with Power
  • Art of Noise – Instruments of Darkness (Prodigy mix)
  • Acen – Trip II the Moon (Kaleidoscopiklimax)
  • Dry and Roasted – It’s Like a Dream
  • China White – One People
  • Optical Haze – Wonderful Experience
  • N.R.G. – I Need Your Love (The Real Hardcore Remix)
  • DJ Vibes – Obsession
  • DJ Force and Evolution – Lost It
  • Origin Unknown – Valley of the Shadows
  • Aphrodite – Beat Booyaa
  • FSOL – Papua New Guinea (Album version)


  1. February 13

    THIS is where I came in!….. *phweeeeeeeeeeep!*

  2. Chris K.
    February 13

    So glad I missed this era of music…Sorry, never been into rave music, never will be.

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