Bah Humbug mix – a Xmas gift to you from Radio Clash!

I hate Xmas, reminds me of all the painful dysfunctional family dramas, and the enforced ‘cheer’ and ensuing psychological damage really pisses me off.

All the mixes and shows seem to be promoting this happy-happy-joy-joy view of Xmas and the New Year* – hold on, I remember nothing but upset as a child at Xmas. So ever generous at Radio Clash. we are sharing this miserly Scroogesque spirit with you as a gift; in the form of the Bah Humbug mix below.

So this is for those like me in a festering rather than festive mood, I dedicate this mix to you. I hope you survive the Xmess intact. And to the others, you give me a Christmas cracker at your own risk…

May all your Xmases be Nowhere in Sight(41Mb, 44:37s)

*actually Radio Clash will be doing this too, in the Xmas show to follow, but in interests of balance and sanity this mix was born! Damn that just undermined the whole preceding spiel. Oh well…


    Have a depressed Xmas!Vince Guaraldi – Christmastime is here
    RIAA – Santa’s Acid Hawaiian Space Disco
    Cassetteboy – Bingmas
    Culturcide – Depressed Xmas

    Have a dysfunctional Xmas!

    Cassetteboy – Santa Claus Is Drinking (feat. Wesley Willis)
    Sufjan Stevens – That was the Worst Christmas Ever!

    Have a depraved Xmas!

    Cassetteboy – Festive Christmas (excerpt)
    Kip Addotta – I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus
    Culturcide – Santa Claus Was My Lover
    Adam Sky – Shakin’ and Bakin’
    Pansy Division – Homo Christmas
    Henry Hall and the BBC Dance Orchestra – Fairy on the Christmas Tree
    Vandals – Christmastime for my Penis
    Henry Hall and BBC Dance Group – Does Santa Claus Sleep with His Whiskers?

    Have a detuned Xmas!

    Kids of CPH – Oh Come all ye Faithful
    The Singing Dogs – Jingle Dogs
    DJNoNo – 12 Vaulting Hippos (Pendulum vs Gayle Peevey)
    ebn ozn – rockin robin

    Have a de-Lightful Xmas!

    Cassetteboy – Happy Cliffmas
    Bob Rivers – Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire

    Have a debt-ridden Xmas!

    Culturcide – They Aren’t the World
    Cassetteboy – I Believe in the Virgin Megastore
    Stan Freberg – Green Chri$tma$
    John Baker – Christmas Commercial
    Mae West – Put the Loot in the Boot, Santa

    Have a deliquent Xmas!

    Bob Rivers – Wreck the Malls
    Basement 5 – Last White Christmas
    Wesley Willis – Merry Christmas

    Have a decoratively deforested Xmas!

    Line Material – Let’s Trim the Christmas Tree
    Cassetteboy – Christmas Tree
    Wild Man Fischer – I’m a Christmas Tree
    Bob Rivers – Decorations

    Have a diseased Xmas!

    Cassetteboy – Festive Christmas (excerpt)
    Line Material – The Day Santa was Sick
    Tiny Tim – Santa Claus Has Got the Aids this Year

    Have a death-row Xmas!

    The Reverend Glen Armstrong – Even Squeaky Fromme Loves Christmas
    Cassetteboy – Festive Christmas (excerpt)
    Crass – Merry Crassmas


  1. Lee (nlotic)
    December 19

    “Demented and sad, but social”

  2. Lee (nlotic)
    December 20

    Breakfast Club

  3. December 20

    Here’s a short, short Xmas film I made that isn’t at all sappy, has a twist in the tail and actually ends with somebody being a bit unhappy:

    Spread the link – there’s only one more week before it’s out of season.

  4. Vim
    December 20

    Quality festive tackle there. Super stuff 🙂

  5. December 20

    thank you!

    Is that Vim as in Vim from 8bitpeople?

    if so, big fan of your music! Am planning to play When a Child is Bored on the next podcast…;-)

  6. Vim
    December 20

    Yes, that’s me! You don’t know how hard that tune was to make on a 3k VIC20.
    Glad to hear someone likes the music. New GameBoy stuff out on soon, btw.
    Have a top Christmas.

  7. Alex
    December 20

    What a great mix… thanks for the chuckle…


  8. Chris
    December 21

    You forgot “Grandma Got Run Over by A Reindeer”.

  9. December 21

    no I didn’t, I had that as a standby but it’s not a favourite of mine, and I didn’t want to just put comedy Xmas songs in there…

  10. Arty Fufkin
    December 24

    Have a great Christmas anyway you miserable bastard.

  11. Tyler
    December 7

    The link won’t work. 🙁

  12. jon
    December 12

    creepy, just creepy.

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