Radio Clash 77: Harder! Faster! Powerbook! Kill! Kill! with guest Audioshrapnel mix

Kitty Mac Atttack!

Named after this amazing critter. Obviously a pussy PC-lover with the right idea regarding Apple products 😉 😛 Now if we could raise an army of these cats…

Proud to present to you a great 34 minute mix by Audioshrapnel – real pure mixing class comes to Radio Clash (rather than my paltry efforts!)…and a Daft Punk/Sexual deviancy/BBC are Rubbish themed show from me…as you do.

Mouse Lover! (82mins, 47Mb, All cat)


  • Rhymefest ft ODB – Build Me Up A Buttercup (from James Hyman – Sing Song)
  • King Missile – Detachable Penis
  • Chumbawamba – Homophobia (live)
  • The Knife – We Share Out Mother’s Health (from Silent Shout CD)
  • Tim’s BBC GAY Rubbish rant
  • Audio Shrapnel – Exclusive Mix For Radio Clash
    • The Clash – This Is Radio Clash
    • Colonel Mustard – Charly Says Watch Out For Smooth Criminals
    • Mark Summers – Summers Magic
    • Treva Whateva – We Have The Technology
    • Lyrics Born — Do That There Acapella
    • Gnarls Barkley – Crazy (Crash Berlin Remix)
    • Mc Chris – Booties Far Breakfast
    • Queen – Radio Ga Ga
    • Blo_Up Doll – Burnin
    • Leebuzz – Roxanne’s A Super Freak
    • Bonde Do Role – Melo Do Tabaco
    • Audio Shrapnel – 52 Grand Job
    • Dj Zebra – Hey Villain Boy
    • U.S. Navy Bluegrass Quartet -— I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles
    • Freestylers – Warrior Charge (Against The Grain)
    • Prodigy — Firestarter Acapella
    • Audio Shrapnel – Welcome To Glam Rock
    • Alex H — Nirvananenoonoo
    • Go Home Productions — Rat Inferno
    • Loo & Placido — Reggae Inferno
    • Cyantific  — Reinvention Dub
    • Bill Hicks – Waffle Hausa
    • State Of Mind – Different Strokes
    • Basement Jaxx – Where’s Your Head At Acapella
    • Chemical Brothers Mos Def – Galvanize Acapella
    • Base Force One – Welcome To Violence
    • Zilla – Title Unknown Taken From ‘Grinted Teeth & Brawlsville’
    • Dublxero — Thames Plague
    • Leebuzz – Say My Name Is Mr. Rossi
    • Audio Shrapnel -— Mr. Johnson
    • Kate Bush – Babooshka
  • Billy Preston – My Sweet Lord
  • Desmond Dekker – 007 (Shanty Town)
  • Depeche Mode – Stripped (Live at Coachella)


  1. Kieran
    June 12

    nice show Tim. I’m with you on the indie bands playing dance covers. i was playing around with this funny french site today.

  2. Lee (nlotic)
    June 14

    Thanks for the mention during The Knife! I loved the Depeche Mode choice. I had Black celebration when I was in High School and it reminds me of those bitter sweet days.

    Ummm…and so much for a hiatus. I talked to Jeb about us hijacking a show during your hiatus. Oh well….


  3. June 14

    Glad you like the show 😀

    Hiatus? What do you mean it was a WHOLE two weeks? 😉 Yeah when the two things fizzled they seemed little point in having a break…maybe later in the year if I have a long holiday I’ll leave the podcasting gear at home.

    It kind of just happened that I’d kept free a block of time, so when the gig fell through it made sense to start doing the podcasts again, things like the Satan show just happened last minute too, then the great AShrapnel mix arrived and I didn’t want to sit on that – it’s turned out to be a busy ‘break’!

    Hijacking the show? Tell me more! 😀 Very happy for you two to do a show – in fact Radio Clash was supposed to be an open thing for everyone but no-one was interested in doing a show with me at the beginning (“err…what’s podcasting? derrrrr, uhhh I dunnoooo”) so it became just me with occasional interuptions from Kirk and now Scott…

    I’m more that happy to have guest hosts or people doing other stuff here.

  4. June 14

    My, those AudioShrapnel mixes are the bee’s knees, aren’t they?

    “I’m more that happy to have guest hosts or people doing other stuff here.” Eh? Do we have to go to London?

  5. June 14

    Well not necessarily…if you have an idea for a show, run it by me, I can send over the intro etc. and do a show – or as a fellow guest host during one of my shows either in person or Skype…never done a ‘live’ show via Skype, could be fun (or a technical nightmare?)

  6. June 26

    An enjoyable presentation.All aspects were entertaining from the host to the tunes to the featured mix.Especially enjoyed the DJ Moule track cuz’ it was already a fave.Why can’t TV be this much fun?

  7. August 3

    is there a tracklist for the audioshrapnel mix? much appreciated.

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