Rave Wars II: The Hardcore Strikes Back

I was going to post that you needed to get your skates on to get one of 500 Balkan Vinyl’s ‘Rave Wars II’ 7″s with Mark Archer (of Altern-8 fame) and HrdVision doing acid/rave Star Wars related tracks – but just checked and it’s already sold out. You snooze you lose I guess although I managed to just get one last night – didn’t realise they’d go THAT fast…sorry!

Anyway the far cheaper digital download is available, and well worth checking out, as the Mark Archer track ‘Don’t make me destroy you’ is really good.

Talking of Mark Archer and things Altern-8, this remix 12″ of Frequencies slipped out last October and I missed it, but again the digital downloads are available and I really recommend the Luke Vibert and Chevron mixes…in fact you might hear those on your local neighbourhood podcast, soon 😉 Along with the excellent Acid Relief for Sudan charity album they did last year, Balkan Vinyl is shaping up to be one of my favourite labels!

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