Take a strange seemingly unrelated chance

I wasn’t aiming to post about this again, but a strange hop skip and a jump from a current news item back to music I am currently listening to (and featured on the last but one show) like a musical consequences…

OK Exhibit A – this quirky funk/electro single by Bill Laswell and Michael Beinhorn, 1982. Sound familiar? It should since seminal italo electro pioneer Mr Flagio covered for his massive 1983 dancefloor hit.

What’s the seemingly unrelated connection to a previous post? Well the A side of this single was a track called Memories, here you have Whitney Houston’s first recorded lead vocal, a cover of a Soft Machine track. Yes you read right:

Shame she didn’t have such diversity in later covers, but one hell of a start…and a very appropriate track given the recent news. And makes a strange echo of the lovely Wyatt cover of Chic’s ‘At Last I Am Free’ which I am always happy to repost at the drop of a hat, opening of an envelope or beard, – because to take a very cliched phrase you need this track in your life if you haven’t heard it:

Relatio Clash

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