RC 151: Odds n’ Sods 3 – Mighty Mighty Slightly Silly Show

This town’s been raining far too long for me
To find my way to you,
You see me everywhere
I see you in my boots and in my hair and in my care
for you is such that we could never find a another way to be.

Not as downtempo as the above suggests, but a long show with mighty good music, many mighty mashups interspersed with mighty silly shit…also very sweary in places so get yr headphones on!

Mighty Mighty Clicky Linky ( 86Mb, 109mins)

  • Playaway theme
  • Matt Hite – I Just Can’t Get You Out of My Mind
  • Magnetic Fields – California Girls
  • Hercules and the Love Affair ft Antony Hegarty – Blind
  • Copycat – I Feel Love is a Stranger
  • I Will Shank You For a Penny – Boots
  • The Illuminoids – Heart Shaped Titties
  • Copycat – A Smalltown Monday Solution
  • I Will Shank You For a Penny – On and On
  • Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor
  • Eve Massacre – A Sweet Bit Dixy
  • Whitney Houston – How Will I Know (el barto and liam b re-edit)
  • DJ Spanner Monkey – This Is Shit
  • Celebrity Murder Party – What Time is Dub?
  • Romp and Play – Reverberate (Pirate Soundsystem Vocal mix – available here)
  • The Illuminoids – Fuck the Electro DJ
  • Atiq & Benefit of the Boomerang – It Was There (available on Mindtrick records)
  • Roger Miller – You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd
  • Spike Jones – Gesundheit Polka
  • Lawrence Welk – Clarinet Polka
  • The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra – Kazooed on Klassics
  • Wah Kazoo – Doctor Wah
  • Doctor Sings – Time Warp
  • The Rubinoos – Heroes and Villains (via Copy, Right)
  • Hidden Cameras – Man That I Am With My Man
  • Hot Chip – We’re Looking for a Lot of Love
  • Dale B – Lose Myself Ce Matin La
  • Glasvegas – It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry
  • Lawrence Welk – Bubbles in the Wine


  1. February 23

    This is what we love…a literal mash-up of musical madness that defies description beyond being “Tim’s This Is Radio Clash.” Also perfect for a rainy, pointless day in LA when one shouldn’t have been working but was forced to. Thanks for the good stuff in this podcast, the first half was especially fun, and the second half strangely morose (or maybe my drugs are just kicking in). Yay.

  2. DJ Knight
    February 25

    Wah Kazoo! How funny. Wonderfully eclectic mix.

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