Radio Clash 114: Sunday Afternoon With The Who Boys!

A bumper double-trouble show with The Who Boys from no stranger from Radio Clash, and hots of the Saturday Night With the Who Boys podcast…drunken and disordely, and sometimes orally offensive – it’s classic Radio Clash (think the Tim and Kirk Shows but x3 and you’ll get what I mean…). Add John Shed and it’s moidah!

We even play the odd tune…

Oh and thanks to Lumpy for the Ton Wah track…

Photos of this skullduggerous affair are here.

BADABOOM! (87Mb, 2 hours)

  • Myspace or Myspaz?
  • Who Boys – Stayin a Firestarter
  • Grooverider – Who’s Jack the Ripper?
  • Fiddling with the Shed
  • Fisting Grannies in Waitrose
  • Pugwash theme
  • Los Hermanos Dalton – Pink Panther Show
  • Mr Bungle – Pink Panther Theme
  • Muppets and Talking Cartoon Characters
  • Ed Lincoln – Mah Na Mah Na
  • Roger Whittaker – Mexican Whistler
  • Phone Lines Are Open
  • Roger Whittaker – Tango Mit Dir
  • DJNoNo – Just Lose the Accordions
  • Are you Making Any Money Off It?
  • Wevie De Crepon – Ton Wah
  • Cuban Boys – Drink
  • Phonebox Beatbox
  • Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Telephone and Rubber Band
  • Meri Wilson – Telephone Man
  • Coming out of your mouth
  • Rahzel – Moments in Beatboxing
  • London Elektricity – The Drum and Bass Swindle
  • Aggro1 – Lyrynrd Skynyrd Gimme Back My Bullets v. Bill Laswell and Submerged(Corrupt Souls Remix)
  • Jerry Ferry!
  • Who Boys – In Every Ghost Town A Heartache
  • Roxy Music – Do The Strand
  • duke reid rocksteady – the sound of music
  • When Giles Attacks!
  • Sparks – Don’t Leave Me Alone With Her
  • Cuban Boys – Vinyl Countdown
  • Three Dog Night – Black and White
  • Aggro1 – In the Bath for Me Lately
  • 136 Bootie Per Minute
  • Act of Dog – Narcotic Pigbag
  • Giles Impersonator
  • John Shed: Mr Poppers 2006!
  • Lyd – Gimme Ragga Joanna
  • Large Bacardi and Coke

RC 114: Who Boys


  1. James
    March 29

    Just to let you know that you’re one of the podcasts of the month in the new .Net magazine – – that I just bought. PS – really enjoyed the last of weeks.

  2. Doug
    March 30

    RC 114 still isn’t showing up in the iTunes feed.

  3. April 1

    Wow .Net magazine! Will have to go get a copy…

    It’s on iTunes now – I have to manually ping iTunes, this blog should automatically do it now

  4. April 3

    Hilarious! I really enjoyed the show. Keep up the great work.

  5. Chris Knight
    April 16

    Whittaker – how funny! I was just talking to my wife about music that we cut our teeth on (our baby teeth, in some cases) and it brought back memories of listening to Roger Whittaker on my parent’s turntable when I was a wee one. Thanks for probably the only passably-listenable tune by him (but I will probably buy an album or two just to torture myself and my friends.)

    Bad music:
    Andy Griffith sings gospel on “I Love to Tell the Story” (almost as bad as Asscroft’s soaring eagle song)
    Lucia Pamela sings “Into Outer Space with Lucia Pamela” – really bad bad bad bad painfully bad

    Ear-splitting music:
    Jaap Blonk – particularly his solo work, makes your sinuses ache just listening to him, much of which is so outrageous, you’ll laugh

    Cool music you might like:
    TTC – French-Canadian rap artists with amazing retro electronic sound

    Tim, send me an e-mail if you’d like “samples” for your consideration.

  6. lupesita
    May 17

    are you sure the pink panther theme is from mr bungle??? I’m pretty sure it’s hi-standard from fat wreck chords.

  7. May 20

    Not sure at all, but it’s usually attributed to Mr Bungle, although somewhere it came up as Bad Manners…

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