Remember her as she would’ve wanted…

…totally mashed. Actually maybe I should rephrase that? :-/

Whitney Houston RIP – a cultural icon, probably more than she knew, like in these cheeky mashups or covers of her most famous hits – especially the first one given it’s also 30 years since Kraftwerk’s The Model hit #1 in the UK too.


EDIT: I can’t find a decent (ie. not crappy live version) of Kevin Blechdom & Dsico’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ – it’s really Dolly’s tune anyway and some might get the wrong idea, when it’s an affectionate and much loved parody…but when people you’ve never met die others get strangely touchy. You could say you’ve not arrived until you’ve been mashed, remixed, sampled, covered and parodied…but a bit like Amy it’s sad where some of that humour came from – not the endless running of scales that Beyonce copied, or the bouncy dated 80’s videos, more the drug usage and scary marriage 🙁

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