Not drowning but raving – 50PoundNote rave mix

I’ve been on a 1992/rave/acid tip recently, and one of the things that inspired that is 50PoundNote’s new Rave mix. Where were you in 92? Really recommended – always good to hear that Prodigy remix of Art of Noise (payment for the ‘HEY!’ sample in a Prodigy track – Liam did a lot of mixes in lieu of payment of sample clearance, factfans) and the Jericho. Slighly strange to hear O Fortuna raved up and it’s not Aphex Twin – sure he did that first…but many tracks I’ve not heard in a very long time!

It makes me think that the early 90’s are well due a revisit – listening to a lot of Shamen too, courtesy of TXL, and really I’m surprised that so many pop groups and musicians are still stuck referencing that mid-late 80’s era – come out and rave, the water’s lovely!

Download the mix here and more about the mix over at 50PoundNote’s site.

  • Last Train To Transcentral (Live From The Lost Continent) by The KLF
  • Intoxication (Original Mix) by React 2 Rhythm
  • It’s A Fine Day by Opus III
  • LFO (Leeds Warehouse Mix) by LFO
  • Vamp by Outlander
  • Night In Motion (Original Mix) by Cubic 22
  • Instruments Of Darkness (All Of Us Are One People) (The Prodigy Mix) by Art Of Noise
  • O Fortuna by Apotheosis
  • Anasthasia (Out Of History Mix) by T99
  • Spice (Original Mix With Notes) by Eon
  • James Brown Is Dead (Original Mix) by L.A. Style
  • Jump! by The Movement
  • Come On Boy (Pump It Up Mix) by DJ H Featuring Stefy
  • Chime by Orbital
  • Next Is The E (Razormaid! Mix) by Moby
  • A Million Colours by Channel X
  • Dominator (Mental Speed Mix) by Human Resource
  • Jericho by The Prodigy
  • Sesame’s Treet by Smart E’s

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