DJNoNo Skip to the End mix & Cuddle the Present, Scott & Jeb Podcasts

And more of this re-release mania – back in May 2008 I appeared on Pete Juxtaposeur’s Skip to the End podcast as DJNoNo and created a 30minute mix specially.

Here’s the 320kbps separate version for your separate listening pleasure (although I heartily recommend listening to Skip to the End show I was on for chat and great music from Pete).

Also another mix I’m quite proud of is the Cuddle the Present mix I did for Jeb 50 Pound Note‘s podcast – that’s now back up after being unavailable for a few years and available to download here.

Also back up is the show I did with Jeb and Lee from I Motor Away and the first of the 3 shows Scott, Jeb and myself did. – the second is available here. Also the Xmas show I did with Scott and Jeb on Scott’s 30th birthday.

Oh and still one of the best podcasts I ever did – the Hijack Happy Birthday podcast me and Jeb did for Lee’s I Motor Away podcast is now up (it seems I Motor Away has podfaded and is not up anymore so I uploaded it for good on my server)

Phew! Did I really do all that?

EDIT: and now courtesy of Scott the 3rd podcast myself, Jeb and Scott did the Night Nurse Show ‘Podwhores’ – joined by Stefan is now up on my server. It is very very rude though in true Night Nurse Show tradition, be warned 😉

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