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January 20 /

Well that headline could cover a litany of ills, but for this post it’s EDM aka the terribly obvious acronym ‘Electronic Dance Music’ which used to be one of those American catch-all names – I mean they called grime and…

July 8 /
March 22 /

Loleatta Holloway died yesterday – you may not know her by name, but you almost certainly know here voice – her Love Sensation acapella kicked off this whole sampling shebang as a major commercial force with a bang with 1989’s biggest selling UK single Ride on Time by Black Box. A masterpiece in sample reconstruction, if rather questionable ethics, and a track she understandably hated since they didn’t credit her and got someone else to lipsync to it, until they settled with her lawyer. Although the irony was that like James Brown she wouldn’t have been able to resurrect her career without the attention she got because of that track!

She must be one of the most sampled women outside of maybe Lyn Collins (and that’s mostly the drum sample). A sad day indeed.

Here’s a selection of tracks that sampled her:

February 8 /

Readers of Radio Clash will know what Warner Media Group did to my Neon Sex People video mashup on YouTube (NSFW – audio and text contains a ‘message’ for WMG and uses music from a great unsigned artist Playgyrl Slim).…