Parkade Returneth!

Somehow I’ve become co-owner of the Parkade club in Second Life- previously run by Andy Asylum, he decided to resign last week, I played the last night. A group of the DJs got together and decided to keep the place going, rebuild it and redesign it, so DJNoNo Ulysses along with Amanda Shinji and Topher Delcon are now owners of a club!

I’m doing the textures, signs and branding-type stuff, and even some tshirt design and Amanda’s doing the building and technical stuff – you can see a sneak peak here. Can you say Peter Saville? And Hacienda? Meets Garage, no not the Paradise Garage, a disused garage 😉 It’s going to be very grungey as an antidote to all those Dawn of the Dead shopping malls in Second Life, and will be the best looking club there.

The opening will be soon – watch this space!

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