Parkade Finale – Phoenix night

Here are the pics from last night’s Parkade finale – yes I know it’s a ‘virtual space’ but I’ve been involved in some way or other since Andy first showed his new club to me in May 2006. It was sad to see it go, but we gave it a massive storming send off.

Thanks to those at the NuRepublik sim for letting us say goodbye, to Amanda Shinji for building the place one last time, and to Topher Delcon, Andy Asylum and Amanda for doing great sets – and the

No thanks goes to my soundcard and Winamp crashing it on Vista, which meant a quick switch around and reboot delaying my set by 15 mins…and those pesky Daleks (Derek was fairly well behaved wanting to poledance apart from his fox molestation fetish, but Charles had to be transported to another dimension for threatening to surprise someone by falling 1,000s of feet onto his or her head!).

Oh and we’re wheely sorry about the accident at the end đŸ˜‰

Audio is recorded, and I think Topher and Amanda recorded theirs, mine will follow shortly tonight.

Dov Watanabe, one of the Parkade regulars also posted some pictures and said some very nice words about our club. I remember giving out loads of t-shirts at the end of the night that I designed for the Parkade, I hope sometime in the future they’ll wear them and think happy thoughts of what we all achieved with the Parkade. To have created such fond memories makes it all worthwhile, and less sad for all of us.

An album of the pictures taken throughout the night.

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