Parkade – The Phoenix Returns (tonight!)

Yes this is definitely go and is on tonight from 9pm GMT / 2pm PST/Second Life time until 5am GMT / 10pm PST/SL.

Lineup is:

2-4pm PDT – Andy Asylum (original owner of the Aslyum)
4-6pm PDT – DJNoNo Ulysses (me!)
6-8pm PDT – DJ Foximus (Topher Delcon)
8-10pm PDT – Miss Cyberpink (Amanda Shinji)

The Parkade will be recreated for one night only in the NuRepublik sim – here’s the SLURL.

See you there!
Topher, Amanda, DJNono
(Topher Delcon, Amanda Shinji, DJNoNo Ulysses – Andy Asylum not shown)

DJNoNo Djing at the Parkade

Relatio Clash


    • March 21

      Hence why I’m pimping this on Twitter for all I’m worth!

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