Parkade: A P-h-e-o-n-i-x return? (for one night)

A little Amanda-shaped birdie in this post told me that the Parkade will return for one more tune, one last night – been waiting for details but basically don’t do anything this Saturday, cos it’s going to be an all-starred past/present lineup including me (DJNoNo Ulysses), Amanda, Andy Asylum, and hopefully Walt and maybe Topher although not sure if he is linked up computer wise…

Anyway keep it free, get yer virtual party frocks ready, and get ready to rock out one last time at the passing of the Parkade.

More details I’m sure very soon…

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  1. March 20

    Andy Asylum kicks things off at 2pm PDT (9pm GMT) and then it’s either NoNo from 4pm or Topher @ 4pm, depending on when you want to DJ 😀 I’m gonna finish the night, but we’re looking at 8 hours of partying and I’ve already picked the last tune to be played too…

    It’ll be on the NuRepublik sim, up in the sky somewhere… Club is being rebuilt tomorrow.

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