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As you might have guessed I tend to avoid hype and spam, I prefer to discover the new on my own rather than follow the crowd – the John Peel approach of avoiding what the industry or received opinion says and making up your own mind. Sadly that means that sometimes you miss stuff, as I did with the excellent Bhangra Bootay which I’ve just found (8 months late!) via Phil Retrospector’s blog…still after the recent success of Foolklegs 2 I think this still deserves a listen, and is from the SoundUnSound forum with liner-notes from the ever-wonderful Marc aka Neckice, the nicest person in bootlegs -FACT!

I love bhangra and bollywood tunes, and this is a great mashup album mixing east and west which shows where mashups really can win and create new ground exploring new avenues than the usual rock vs rap or electro vs reality diva; into different genres and less explored sources. MOAR plz!

Anyway you can download the full album with artwork here at SoundUnSound – but here are some of my favourite tracks if you don’t want to download the whole album.

Oscar TG doing something very different with Don’t Cry Beloved Fool – Erasure meets dub via Orbital, eastern beats from 2Kool and Marley in something that sounds closer to The Orb than yer usual A+B mashup – and that’s no bad thing.

Also in the breathing life into the overused acapella department is F.E.A.R In Lila’s Eyes by Bobby Martini, taking Kelly Clarkson and Ian Brown and giving it a different eastern and chilled twist via Vas’s Lila. And the humour/Bollywood-WTF-soundClash award goes to mARKYBOY for the Madonna vs Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge ‘Deepur and Deepur’ – classic, and accordion-tastic too, even if it does go slightly clashy at the end, it’s worth it for the giggles alone 😀 Also highly recommended are the tracks by Phil Retrospector, and the best named track award goes to Reborn Identity for ‘You Can’t Curry Love’ LOL.

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