RC 171: Around the World in 808’s Part Two

From bangin’ Indian Bhangra to Brazilian Baile Funk, crazy champeta from Columbia to Puerto Rico reggaeton, to Japanese hiphop and Arabian rap, we’ve got it all in the final part of our international journey through hiphop.

And not once did I mention Rigodon or Willy Fog! I’m proud of myself.

Hey now the story must go on ‘cause a lot of time has gone we must be ready to go away (67Mb, 93Mins)


  • Da Arab MC’s – Born Here (Hebrew vers) (Palestine)
  • Ramallah Underground – Tales From The Frontline (feat. Paracat) (Palestine)
  • Invincible – People Not Places (Feat. Abeer) (Israel/Palestine)
  • Amarjit Dhanda – Bhulgi (Punjab, India?)
  • Baba Sehgal – Welcome To Mumbai (Bhangra Mix) (India)
  • Shamur – The Power of Bhangra (Snap vs Motivo) (Italy/India)
  • Jassi Sohal – Phullan Wangu (Punjab, India)
  • Lorna – Papi chulo… te traigo el mmm (Panama)
  • Daddy Yankee – Metele con candela (Puerto Rico)
  • Julio Voltio – Mambo (Puerto Rico)
  • Calle 13 (featuring Orishas)- Pa’l Norte (Puerto Rico/Cuba)
  • Orishas – 537 Cuba (Cuba)
  • Doble V – Vicos y Virtudes (Spain)
  • Racionais MCs – Negro drama (Brazil)
  • Dennis Dj – Vasco 2000 (Brazil)
  • De Falla – Popozuda Rock’n’Roll (Brazil)
  • Bonde de role – melo do vitiligo (Brazil)
  • Vanessinha Picatchu – Pega Pega (Brazil)
  • El Aguita De Coco (Columbia)
  • El Agua (Columbia)
  • Denki Groove with Scha dara parr – Numbers (Japan)
  • Illmatic Buddha MC’s – Top of Tokyo (Japan)
  • Rhymester – Dnanm` (Japan)
  • Magic System – T’endors Pas Feat Youssoufa (Ivory Coast)


  1. thesinkster
    October 29

    thank you for “around the world in 808”! I feel… educated! how else would i know that i enjoy rap from japan?

  2. October 30

    Thanks! glad you enjoy it, it’s supposed to be educational, yet not filling, with a fruity coppery undertone 😉

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