Radio Clash 131: Can’t Stop the Pop!!!!

It’s Poptastic Funtastic Radiooo Claaaaaaaaaash! Coming today from the Beachy Head Roadshow, where we’ll show Noel Edmunds really how to bungy jump, and Popplasticfantastic Tony Blackburn shows us the danger of standing too close to fires.

It’s the Northern Rock Favourite! (93mins, 76Mb)

  • Mylo / Kylie – I’m in the Mood for Love (unsuprisingly the song is now not on the site)
  • OsymysoI’m Terribly Sorry I Think I’ve Broken Your Kylie
  • Kid Carpet videos and his site here
  • Terry Edwards – Totally Wired (from AudioOut)
  • Sunshiners – Shake the Disease
  • Led Zeppelin – Babe Im Gonna Leave You (Dirty South Mix – via palmoutsounds)
  • Green Velvet and Jamie Principle – The Choice (from The Call EP)
  • Osymyso – The Not Quite Fool
  • My Robot Friend – Way Down
  • Ping Pong Orchestra – Get Yr Freak On (from Tom Middleton’s Crazy Covers vol 2)
  • Ampere – my favorite movie (via WFMU)
  • Dragonlord – Born to Darkness
  • Ministry – Tv Ii
  • controlfreak (aka matt) – fallen from grace
  • Sia – Paranoid Android (from Exit Music: Songs for Radio Heads)
  • Fleetwood Mac – Although the Sun is Shining (from Then Play On)
  • A Certain Ratio – Waterline (originally from Sextet apparently)
  • Grace Jones – Private Life
  • Geoff Carpet – Happiness is Such a Thrill
  • Matt Hite – Everybody Is Right
  • Dar Williams – All Men Are Liars (from Labour of Love – from Copy,Right blog)
  • ELO – The Way That Life’s Meant to Be (from Time)
  • The Coup – Get Up (feat Dead Prez – from Party Music)


  1. Lee (iMotorAway)
    September 28

    Wow…My Robot Friend sounds a lot like the Beta Band/The Aliens.

  2. superelectro (robin - cmp)
    September 29

    cheer up mate nice to hear some rock, you never put the kid carpet link up….


  3. Chris Knight
    September 29

    “Fallen from Grace” from “Matt” – any more information/links? Very very nice piece of music…

    A truly eclectic collection…Very good all around.

    You’ve turned me on (ooo) to so many cool bands from my childhood (’70’s-80’s) that I didn’t know about: Helloween, ELO, Nina Hagen. Time to buy, buy, buy cheap used CD’s. 🙂

  4. Pete
    September 30

    LOL. Great intro, not sure about the end, jingles are so 2005?
    Great show as always. Ping Pong Orch sound cool and good to hear Ministry – TV II from Psalm 69.
    Thanks for the love.

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