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No not a list from me – you can read what I feel about the deluge of end of year/decade/sale/humanity lists here – but I have to say thanks to boris for including me on his Mashups of 2009 list for my Pjanoo Dance video. This post is slightly more than backslappery though because a few of the videos mentioned there are well worth repeating here, ones I had not seen although I’m well aware of the video mashers involved.

First up is Reborn Identity – if there was someone who OWNED 2009 with video mashing, it probably would be him for his work on Mashed in Plastic alone which is now a full DVD mashed movie!

So here’s his video for Qubic’s Fleurs Soutenues du Mal – Warning contains Sarah Brightman, but on the upside it does compare her to Medusa so fair do’s really. Excellent use of Jason and the Argonauts, a brilliant film. I think he is becoming the king of the filmic mashup!

DJ Le Clown I know more for his audio mashups, but love the use of Rocknrolla film and very film trailer buildup, and use of video effects. Video effects can come off looking tacky and bad, which is why I tend to stay clear of them (and the fact my machine is crap) but here the contrasty degraded xerox style effect with the outlines and red flashes really works. In fact the video works better than the audio…I’d have my Mashup Pedant Of the Year award wrestled from me by Lee Spoons if I didn’t mention the Prodigy chorus is a bit out of time…but with a video as fun as this it really doesn’t matter.

And this one from Cheekyboy works well despite my utter hatred of Will ‘Scientologist’ Smith; not totally sure the Franz lick works with Ting Tings 2/3rds in, but the rest is very good and I can see this moving bodies – and of course the video is great, especially the Only Fools and Horses reference!

Nice to see Phil Retrospector there for A Thousand Secrets, a video I’ve blogged here before – but missing is ThriftshopXL, who although I never liked that Nirvana/Astley video for several reasons (being in key is a start, although that’s not TXL’s fault!) he was the other person who owned 2009, mostly because of his wonderful Lily Allen and Bat for Lashes videos – and this (which I don’t know if it was made in 2009, certainly the Phil n Dog bootleg is a total classic from 2004 and a regular on Radio Clash, so nice that there is a video for it ;-):

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  1. December 12

    thanks for the link, you should check out more of Le Clown’s vids he’s my fav video masher love his stuff

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