Always the last to know – A Thousand Secrets

Just thought I’d check in on a Radio Clash fave, Phil Retrospector, who I’ve not heard from for a while (totally my fault, I tend to forget to check back regularly with what people are doing!), and found this entrancing and beautiful mix of Leonard Cohen, Le Mystere de Voix Bulgares and Muse – good reflective post-weekend comedown Sunday evening stuff, even if I’m a little late coming to it 😀

Also liking his use of video, and using sources that most others probably wouldn’t touch or know about – the likes of Kenneth Anger, and the films starring Leigh Bowery.

And in a similar mood, is his very melancholic and beautiful remix of Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’ with a very atmospheric black and white video after my own heart (I love using early cinema films, as well as found 50’s films, usually home movies or informational /teen exploitation movies)

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  1. Aw shucks Tim, thanks as ever for the kind words.
    always great to meet another Anger FanatiK
    Keep on Rawkin’ kimosabi

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