Repeat the mantra: “I’m very, very enough, I’m very, very enough”

If like me you really dislike mindfulness and trite inspirational new-age memes – you’ll love the Inspirobot Mindfulness generator.

Hours of fun for all the imaginary family with random, sometimes hilarious, sometimes accidentally profound and sometimes very creepy quotes on sunsets, forests, rain, waves, empty houses and dolls.

It also has an on-point automatically generated soundtrack (at one point I thought it was whispering ‘Russian Intelligence’ but turns out it’s ‘Artificial Intelligence’) of subliminal whispers, strange natural sounds (are they having sex at one point?!) and even some sci-fi soundtrack musical lifts – see if you can spot them! A very good parody of new age ambient bobbins.

Here are some of my favourites that I screenshot:

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