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November 23 /
November 15 /

Remember remember the 15th of November… Memories, like the Facebook of your mind, Big Brother loving memories…[CLICK! This post has been flagged for Hate Speech. You cannot post.] An episode about memories and the fragility of same, from Remembrance Sunday…

September 17 /

A listener once said they knew if it was a good podcast if I sounded pissed off at the start. Well, welcome to an extremely good episode then! A well tempered Clash, forged in the heat of online battle, which…

January 29 /

Really nicely done. Groovy! (via The KLF Facebook page) EDIT: The original track is of course Gershon Kingsley’s Popcorn. Bit of Tony Blackburn at the end, confirming it is indeed Top of the Pops.