New podcast – Digital Debris!

Ages in the making but there’s a new podcast from me called digital debris and the site is in production for it. Think of it as the BBC2 version to Radio Clash’s BBC1…more artier, more experimental (in format and content), focusing on lapsed copyright music, orphan and charity shop audio, internet memes, performance, spoken word, outsider art and podsafe music. If you liked the Aural pOddities shows you’ll love these.

Here is the pilot episode #0 – if you like to hear more, then you can subscribe here, as only this one and maybe the next will be available on this feed .

Suggestions? Improvements?

Let me know here or at the dd blog.


  1. Pete
    October 12

    Very good. Raising the bar again.
    Only constructive criticism would be to make sure the spoken word sections don’t clash with each other or with sung sections.
    All good really, though. Can’t wait for more as long as RC continues.


  2. Chris Knight
    October 13

    Nice, there is a lot of really good Creative Commons music out there…Should make for a cool radio show. I toyed with the idea of proposing doing a terrestrial radio program at a local college station of just CC music. Please continue to “DJ”, your commentary is always interesting and usually insightful. is one source I like/support, with the best artists I’ve stumbled across being SaReGaMa,The Ease Down, Silence, JT Bruce, David TMX, Arne Pahlke, Le Capharnaüm, Au Lit les Mômes. Lots of French techno/industrial and lots of junk to sift through, but they do a halfway-decent job of sorting out the wheat from the chaff. Although I wish you could have it play one track randomly from each album, it’s often that I can skip a bunch of artists after listening to their crap for 5s. has some nice stuff too, but they’re a bit overly-selective. Favs are Jade Leary, Professor Armchair/Glen Bledsoe (definitely check him out, a little “off-kilter” that you might enjoy) Jami Sieber, Solace, Headroom Project. Dunno what their Podcasting “license” model is like tho’.

    I’ve supported both venues and artists from each.

  3. Chris Knight
    October 13

    Oh, and pointers to any other good sources of CC music would be greatly appreciated.

  4. October 13

    Magnatune is happy for their work to be podcasted – it’s part of their model.

    Certainly finding labels that are cool with that, and off the beaten track would be good…

  5. October 16


    Excellent new podcast… i suggest to continue with No Intro’s..

  6. October 17

    Thanks Patrick – glad you like it…and it’ll be no intros for a while yet ;-D

  7. October 22

    I knew you were crazy genuis but this is pure audio proof! 🙂

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