Sink Ya Teeth gig

For the first time I’ve gone to see a support band, and not really the headliner…I heard via Amy Lamé on 6Music that Sink Ya Teeth were supporting Mary Epworth at the Oslo in Hackney, and readers of the blog will know I love this band (featured them on my guest hosting of Lloydbrary 100, also blogged about them) so on the spur of the moment I bought a ticket!

I wasn’t disappointed, although when I arrived early the place was almost empty, and I saw a member of the band at the bar and had a squee! moment and couldn’t talk to her. It eventually filled up, although the crowd was a little small (generally, not just for them, also later during the headline) but all seemed into it. They played Glass, If You See Me, and their new single Pushin’ which sounds great and is out on the 2nd Feb, with a new album I think in June.

It was slightly odd seeing their post-rave comedown disco at 8-9pm, the best time would be 2am in the morning in a queer club, I think. But still they rocked it, and thanked Mary who was watching by the side of the stage (always love headliners who actually support the support acts, rather than hiding backstage!). I wasn’t so into Mary Epworth’s set though, love the glam dress and The Crunch/Add N To X heavy organ, but wasn’t my thing so left after three songs.

Here are some of my shots of them, on the CrappyCameraPhone™ but I think the shot above is the best, edited on my phone with Snapseed, tis amazing what you can do with technology today innit? The rest are was very dark and smoky!

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