Tag: BBC Radio 6 Music

July 24 /

Heard this on 6Music and was surprised to hear the dulcet tones of Alan Moore gracing ‘The Ghost of Watling St’ by Oddfellow’s Casino. Really nice and trippy, apparently written by request of John Higgs who has written a book…

March 26 /

Really liking this Depeche Mode remix by Dunproofin, very timely…as DM go on stage at the 6Music festival (listening to that now live…) Also check out his cover of The Wonder Stuff’s Circlesquare. Pop star!

January 25 /

After listening to Mike Oldfield on 6Music, I heard this journey through synthesisers through the ages…a lot of ‘OMG one of those?!’ moments in this cover by the Brooklyn Synth Orchestra. (via Matt Catt)

June 10 /

Not really come across Cat’s Eyes although of course I know Faris’s work with The Horrors, but I heard them interviewed on 6Music earlier…checking out the new album it’s really good, but this performance from 2011 from the Vatican stopped…